Always an extra workforce to help

At a time when organizations are overwhelmed with closing the fiscal year, the pressure on financial departments is even more significant than usual. To counter that pressure, departments will need an extra workforce and will need to focus on just one task. But you would instead use this time to look ahead to next year. A Digital Workforce might be the answer to accomplish both.

It may well be the single most important financial task, closing the fiscal year. Huge amounts of work need to be done to do this, and a lot of the work is repetitive. So, to alleviate the pressure on the financial department, you need ‘extra hands’, which undoubtedly brings extra costs. This goes by the way for all peak moments, such as month-end closings and quarter-end closings. Due to the extra pressure on the department, there is not much time to properly analyze and to look forward: Where can we create more efficiency, especially regarding improving processes and operational flow?

A Digital Workforce is always ready to help

One of the ways to alleviate the workload during these hectic times is by robotizing financial processes. This way, time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks can be automated so that employees can focus on more important things. At Dynatos, we are noticing a growing transition to a workforce with both ‘regular’ and digital employees, and we expect this growth to continue even more next year. Because one of the main benefits of having a digital workforce is that during peak moments, it is much easier to scale up the workforce.

It gives you the ability to quickly increase the capacity to run automated processes at much lower costs. It allows you to handle the workload of your financial department better, and once the workload decreases, it is even as easy to scale down as up. Also, if you encounter an unexpected peak, a digital workforce is ready to be deployed on the spot. It gives your employees time to detach them from labor-intensive tasks and to refocus on analyzing and looking ahead: What went right, what went wrong? What improvements can we make for the coming year in terms of improving processes? Can we make them even more efficient utilizing automation or robotization?

Keeping the workload in check

If you ask us at Dynatos, we believe that to keep workload of the employees under control, a digital workforce is the answer. It assists with or completely takes over labor-intensive and repetitive tasks. It can benefit your financial department a lot, especially during peak moments when stress levels rise. Different areas within finance can benefit from robotization: from Accounts Payable and ledgering to Accounts Receivable, handling Sales Orders or Checking orders, and all other document-driven and repetitive processes. So, feel free to contact us if you want to know more about our solutions or if you would like assistance while taking steps towards robotization.

Dynatos wishes you happy holidays and a healthy and productive 2020.

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