Our success story

Dynatos is a trusted advisor and strategic partner for financial process optimization. We strive for continuous perfection by bringing expertise, inspiring ideas, and innovative technologies to make your organization to work digital, more efficient and being future proof. Dynatos is characterized by a no-nonsense culture where commitment and customer experience are key. We offer our employees an inspiring environment where curiosity and critical thinking are encouraged. Through this approach, expertise, and customer satisfaction, we have grown within ten years into a reliable partner for financial process automation with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Poland, and Spain.

Dynatos, your strategic partner for financial process automation.









Who we are


Founded in 2010, Dynatos is part of the Cronos Group, a leading Belgian IT service provider. The company originated from the Oracle cluster within the Cronos Group and has experienced continuous growth since its inception. A second branch in the Netherlands opened in early 2016, with a team of experienced professionals joining Dynatos. Also, we have subsequently opened offices in Spain, Denmark, and Germany.

Technology partners

At Dynatos, we only work with software suppliers who are global leaders in financial process automation. This way, we can ensure that we offer the most suitable solution for your environment. From an independent point of view with your business goals as key objectives.

Together we can do more

Dynatos is part of the Cronos group. An IT service provider founded in 1991. Today, the company counts 6,000 employees, with together more than 9,000 customers. The Dynatos group currently consists of 4 specialized companies. With the group, we can offer a wide range of services based on our expertise. This way, you are assured of the best specialists in the field and best practice automation solutions.

Dynatos Services

If you choose Dynatos, you select a full-service provider. We advise and implement solutions and provide support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Besides, we regularly conduct Health Checks to see if you are still up-to-date with a safe and reliable solution that complies with current regulations.

Whom we help

New technologies related to financial process automation are developing rapidly. From Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to, for example, Robotic Process Automation. In-depth expertise of financial processes, technological solutions, IT environments, and business objectives for both short and long term, are essential for a successful automation project.

This is our focus: helping companies achieve both short and long term business goals through the use of intelligent technologies. With our services, we contribute to operational business efficiency, competitiveness, flexibility, and futureproofing.


The Dynatos Group

At Dynatos, we always strive to provide the best specialists for your solutions in terms of implementation, support, and advice. This is why we work from the Dynatos Group. Within the group, we carry several labels, each with their expertise:


Dynatos product and services overview

Download our interactive sheet with an overview of our technology partners and services.

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