Automation Anywhere

Dynatos is a certified distributor of the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provider.

  • RPA that’s so easy every employee can use it for any process.
  • Hyper flexible, implement anywhere in any technological environment.
  • Ultra-secure by enterprise security standards.
  • End-to-end compliance with detailed information for RPA governance.

What is Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere is the world’s leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With their software solution, they offer the most widely deployed RPA platform and community to enable business automating end-to-end processes by everyone in the organization.

Automation Anywhere combines traditional RPA with cognitive elements such as natural language processing and reading unstructured data. The technology knows three pillars: Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive Automation, and Digital Workforce Analytics.

Boost productivity with Robotics

The main objective for using Automation Anywhere, is to boost productivity and efficiency by automating a full scale of daily processes in any kind and type of department. The solution will accelerate the business processes and keep the company ahead of the competition by using future proof smart solutions.

Digital workforce

Automation Anywhere RPA software is built for business users to record and deploy robots without needing any coding skills. It makes it easier to automate tasks since it is a scriptless form of technology – meaning business and IT users can both learn and utilize it. The technology is absolutely dragging, drop, go, repeat.

By taking the most repetitive tasks out of the human and entrusting the robot with these activities, the employees can utilize their capacities, intellect, and creativity to solve higher-level challenges within the organization.


3 reasons why you should consider RPA


OCR Document Capture

Automate the most repetitive tasks to save employees time to be more efficient in the whole business process and let them be more strategic within the organization.


Reduce operational costs

Execute repetitive and manual tasks by making use of RPA. Leaving more time for the employees to work more strategic and efficient.


Less IT involvement

Reduce reliance on the IT department. With the Automation Anywhere RPA solution, employees can make a process bot on their own without the IT department’s help.

Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019

The new unique cloud and on-premise platform from Automation Anywhere enables a business to:

  • Easily access for each type of user, through an intuitive (web) environment;
  • Operate and develop Bots from any operating system;
  • Quickly deploy bots through the entire organization;
  • Endless scale up the number of robots to seaming less work together with employees;
  • Streamline document-based processes with drag-and-drop IQ Bot integration.

IQ Bot

The IQ bot enables businesses to uncover structured data and speed up automation of processes with more reliability while reducing costs and permanently preventing human errors.

Bot store

Accelerate your business even more? With the Automation Anywhere Bot Store, companies can use existing pre-built and ready to play bots. Embed these bots into the organization and save even more time and money.


Automation Anywhere overview in 2 minutes

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