Dynatos is a certified distributor of the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provider UiPath.

  • Discover automation opportunities powered by AI and the workforce.
  • Build automation quickly from simple to complex integrations.
  • Manage, deploy, and optimize automation at an enterprise scale.
  • Run automation through robots that work with applications, platforms, and data.
  • Engage people and robots as one team for seamless process collaboration.

What is the UiPath RPA platform?

UiPath is an open, extensible, end-to-end Robotic Process Automation suite that supports every phase of automation. It starts with the tooling to identify the best automation opportunities. These process discoveries can be fully automated and developed by an easy drag-and-drop canvas combined with quick development tools. Furthermore, the Return On Investments (ROI’s) can be exposed with analytics linked to business outcomes. Therefore, the UiPath platform combines all core RPA capabilities, from building and managing bots to business impact reporting.

Minit process-mining tooling

Discover automation opportunities powered by Artificial Intelligence and the workforce

UiPath’s Automation Hub manages the entire automation lifecycle with instant transparency and control. The Automaton Hub enables organizations to discover automation opportunities by process analysis and the workforce, who know best where the differentiating options are found.

With UiPath Process Mining, the digital footprints left behind can be used to recreate a digital representation of end-to-end business processes.

UiPath task Capture analyses specific processes and how task experts carry them out. While running in the background, the software automatically captures process details exported to screenshots, including step-by-step instructions needed in the building phase.

Build robotic automation quickly

UiPath Studio gives RPA developers a process building canvas that allows creating workflows with APIs and an ever-growing list of applications, technologies, and platform integrations. The software offers pre-defined activities with drag-and-drop capabilities, so basic tasks and workflows can be automated with minimal coding.

Besides the low coding capabilities, UitPath’s pre-build integrations easily automate processes that involve multiple applications and systems of the most used business technologies. Furthermore, the marketplace of UiPath provides the best RPA pre-build solutions and examples to accelerate workflows, discoveries and use trusted enterprise-grade RPA content.

Low code platform UiPath
Process management with UiPath

Manage, deploy, and optimize automation at enterprise scale

With UiPath Orchestrator, it is possible to deploy, manage and optimize automated processes with enterprise-scale integration and compliance.

Due to test planning and execution, it facilitates the organization in monitoring and managing automation quality. Benefit from powerful embedded analytics that measure, report, and align RPA operations with custom KPIs. UiPath’s AI Center provides the opportunity to automate more complex automation or enable cognitive processes where RPA robots can learn AI skills.

Run automation through UiPath robots that work with your applications

The UiPath Robots are intelligent, flexible, and eager to take on tedious tasks. Collaboration with robots will help with daily tasks while attended bots can be triggered by employees or automatically run needed automation based on the user’s activity. Depending on the task at hand, attended bots can work together with users or ask the user’s input to come back with a completed job, all through interactive communication by the UiPath Assistant.

Unattended bots will save time, working independently in the background, handling task-heavy and long-running processes. The unattended bots will check with employees for validation or exceptions if necessary.

UiPath application connectivity
unattended bot

Engage people and robots as one team to achieve a seamless process collaboration

Automate advanced processes with UiPath Action Center. Operations that require exceptions, escalations, and human approvals to make the required decision. Enabling you to automate end-to-end business processes through seamless collaboration.

UiPath Assistant lets your employees interact with robots right from their desktop, offering an easy-to-use launchpad that helps them see business impact even faster.

Deployment Choices

Automation Cloud

With the UiPath Automation Cloud, you can start instantly and scale infinitely. Start with a demo run, and move on to production seamlessly.

Public Cloud

Deployment instructions for Azure, AWS, GCP, and Oracle enable building the UiPath solution as IaaS or PaaS. Therefore, keeping control without local infrastructure.


Optimizable for SaaS, IaaS/PaaS, or Hybrid cloud today, adjust tomorrow’s approach with consistent UX and API’s.


Use the organization’s data centers or private cloud solutions.

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