Seamlessly connecting suppliers and buyers to your business with Routty’s e-Invoicing by Dynatos.

  • Automatically handle all digital and non-digital financial documents.
  • Process and send financial documents no matter the channel or format.
  • Manage all incoming and outgoing documents.
  • Manage approvals with other business units.
  • Digitize finance and improve overall efficiency.

About Routty

Routty is an e-Invoicing and eDelivery SaaS solution that streamlines and automates order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay processes. The platform empowers companies in any industry to seamlessly connect customers and suppliers to their ERP systems, fast, efficient and without IT hassles, regardless of network or document format.


One financial platform all transactions

Companies of all sizes and industries are quickly adopting e-Invoicing and eDelivery as part of day-to-day business transactions both for business-to-government (B2G) and business-to-business (B2B).

Routty enables companies to stay compliant with tax reporting obligations, and to grasp the opportunity to reduce cycle times, eliminate fraud and errors, automate purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes and in general improve efficiency.

Electronic invoicing with Routty

Digitally exchange invoices with all your customers and suppliers via the scalable cloud-based platform. With the unified solution, financial departments take advantage of fully automated financial document flows both for incoming and outgoing e-Invoices. A seamless document exchange between business partners and ERP systems saves time, reduces cost and eliminates errors.


Routty’s eDelivery and eReceipt

Go beyond e-Invoicing, with the digital exchange of any document in purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash. Routty’s flexible support for diverse document types, formats, and automated document processing rules empower financial teams to go beyond digital e-Invoicing. Process and send orders, order confirmations, delivery notes, remittance letters, and other document types via the same platform and technology.

Outbound Channels by Routty

The platform provides standard solutions for the delivery of invoices by e-mail. But also through a direct connection to the customer and e-Invoicing platforms or networks like PEPPOL, Basware, Tiekinetix or Tungsten. Furthermore, new channels can be added easily due to a modular design.

Features and benefits of Routty

Easy start with zero disruption

Routty is a cloud-native solution that enables a fast onboarding of new customers. Its library of pre-built channel connectors, document format definitions, document processing flows, and ERP integrations accelerate the time-to-value. The platform takes care of secure infrastructure and software, so you benefit from high availability.


Integrates with any network and IT system

Routty comes with an open API, SFTP support and an extendible library of input and output connectors that allow you to send and receive invoices to and from your IT systems in multiple formats via multiple protocols over many channels. Flexible routing rules guarantee that documents end up with the right department in the correct financial system without human intervention.

Routty scales with your business

Whether you are active in a single country with a limited set of suppliers or have many subsidiaries and a million suppliers, Routty will support you. To suit your business needs, Routty offers both subscription models and prepaid volume purchases.

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