The powerful smart channel service by Routty and Dynatos.

  • Handle all incoming and outgoing paper and PDF documents.
  • Archive and manage incoming and outgoing documents.
  • Manage approvals with other business units.
  • Robotic process integration.
  • Electronically sign documents.

What is Routty?

Routty is an integrated smart channel solution for handling inbound and outbound invoice flows. Including functions for multichannel input and outbound delivery, document capture, document creation, legal archiving, routing and approval workflows, electronic signatures, monitoring, and reporting.


Custom Smart channel service by Routty

Thanks to its modular design, the platform can easily be adjusted to the company’s needs. Invoices can be sent and received through the channel of preference of your business partners. Routty offers a standard solution for sending and receiving invoices through e-mail, FTP, PEPPOL, or other platforms and networks like Ariba, Coupa, and Tungsten. Furthermore, additional channels can easily be added and customized.

Direct incoming and outgoing invoices

The software acts as a funnel, directing all incoming and outgoing invoices into a single flow. Whether documents are sent or received in envelopes, by fax, as e-mail attachments via XML, EDI, or PDF, the solution automatically extracts and validates relevant document data. The solution will then swiftly transfers it to the workflow and finance system. Resulting in complete control and visibility of your invoices, regardless of their source or destination.


Outbound Channels by Routty

Routty provides standard solutions for the delivery of invoices by e-mail. But also through a direct connection to the customer and e-invoicing platforms or networks like PEPPOL. Routty is also able to ship the output to a local printer or by delivery to a print partner. Furthermore, new channels can be added easily due to a modular design.



Sending of PDF and XML documents or a secure link by e-mail.


Payment button

Sending bills to customers by e-mail with integrated payment options.



Sending documents to the government and companies through the Dynatos Access Point.



Routty supports incoming and outgoing documents by Basware software.


Tungsten network

Sending of documents through the Tungsten network.


SAP Ariba

The Smart Channel Service supports SAP Ariba output management.



Sending of PDF and XML documents through secure direct (s)FTP or AS2 connections.



Sending documents to local printers or via a print partner.



Sending and receiving invoices through the Coupa network is supported.

Routty Extensions


Extend the solution with an EDI-translator. The translator enables the conversion of documents from any EDI-format into a standard XML-format and the other way around.


Smart robot

When required, smart robots can be included in the solution for integration and automating purposes. For example, to download invoices from vendor portals or download and update customer article catalogs, perform frequent health checks, and synchronize the data with back-office applications.

E-signature engine by Routty

The electronic signing engine provides different methods for electronically signing documents. Various signature types are supported, including click-to-sign after authentication, digital certificates, and handwritten signatures with biometric information. The engine integrates with the Routty workflow engine and takes care of a secured orchestration of the document signing processes.


Routty vendor or customer portal

The Routty portal offers customers or vendors the possibility to manage their digital document flows. Through this portal, the customer or vendor can set preferences and consult document statuses. The preferences and document statuses lead to transparency in the communication between your organization and your customers.

This portal can be set up a stand-alone or integrated into an existing portal or website, adapting to your corporate identity.

The portal offers several functionalities like:

  • Management of master data and contact details;
  • Management of addresses;
  • Choice of channel and format;
  • Consult documents with their status;
  • Manage accounts with preferences in the portal and more.

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