Tungsten ReadSoft Invoices

Tungsten ReadSoft Invoices acts as a funnel. Direct all incoming invoices into a single flow. Whether invoices enter the organization in envelopes, fax, or email attachments, via XML or PDF, the solution automatically extracts and validates relevant invoice data. Also, it swiftly transfers it to the workflow and finance system: the result, complete control and visibility of your invoices regardless of their source.

Invoices received on paper first have to be scanned and are then converted into Optical Character Recognition (OCR)-friendly images. The software automatically enhances these images for the highest level of data capture accuracy with the least human intervention.

ReadSoft Invoices even comes programmed with country-specific profiles. The profiles include tax rates, currencies, date formats, and more so that almost any invoice can be automatically validated and verified.


ReadSoft Invoices (OCR) capture capabilities


Adaptive, self-learning processing engine

It continuously improves in speed and precision. The software learns to locate pertinent data on an invoice, thereby delivering increasing value over time.


Automatic sorting of invoices

Differentiates suppliers from buyers and compares against data from your ERP system to determine invoice types like invoices or credit notes.


Advanced Line-item data capture

Automatically recognizes line-item data. Even if line items differ in length, are not symmetrically spaced, or come from a multi-page invoice.


Built-in support for regional variations

ReadSoft Invoices comes equipped with ready-to-use sets of country-specific settings. Including tax rates, date formats, currency characters, and more.


Validation and Line Paring

Automatically performs validation of items such as sums and tax amounts. But also, pairs invoice line items with purchase order lines.


Business system integration

The solution integrates seamlessly with leading ERP systems, such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more.

Smart XML technology with Tungsten ReadSoft Invoices

Maximize efficiency with XML-invoices.

Paper invoices have been scanned and interpreted for more than ten years. Pdf invoices received by email have increased tremendously over the last years. Thanks to simplicity, both for senders and receivers. Part of ReadSoft Invoices is the technology for processing XML invoices. The technology makes the handling as easy as either paper or pdfs. The solution is called Smart XML and it:

  • Automatically handling known XML formats like UBL, E2B, OIO, EHF, Svefaktura, Finvoice, and more.
  • The software handles unknown XML formats and variations of known forms.
  • The automation software learns formats based on previous invoices.
  • Is not depending on where the invoices come from or how they enter the organization.

The difference

What differs Smart XML from other solutions? Process and handle every document automatically. If you are familiar with XML invoices, and maybe you even have tested some invoices to get the information mapping to work. In that case, you will be delighted to hear that with Smart XML, the mapping will happen automatically.

You will be able to handle this yourself—all the way from the first invoice.