Tungsten ReadSoft

Tungsten ReadSoft and Dynatos the perfect match for financial process automation.

  • Invoice processing software that extracts all relevant information from paper and electronic invoices.
  • Automate the capture and interpreting from invoice data.
  • Accurate automated ERP system and workflow data entry.
  • Control center for directing document-driven processes.

Software solutions

Tungsten ReadSoft is a pioneer in Purchase-to-Pay automation. The software solutions focus on the Purchase-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, and Record-to-Report processes. The software is part of Tungsten Automation and is the cornerstone of the Financial Process Automation portfolio.

The solutions make information available for all users at precisely the right moment. Tungsten ReadSoft provides cloud and on-premise software with the products: Tungsten AP essentials, formerly ReadSoft Online, ReadSoft Invoices, and Process Director.


Tungsten Automation AP Essentials

Formerly known as ReadSoft Online.

Tungsten AP Essentials, formerly Tungsten ReadSoft Online is accounts payable automation in the cloud that immediately extracts and enters the data from your supplier invoices into a secure online environment. Furthermore, allowing you to access, verify, and approve the information quickly from any location. Configure the solution using customizable business rules for approval and exception workflows, including analytics. The software is offered as a service (SaaS) and runs on Microsoft Azure.

The software solution is a proven route to the benefits of automated accounts payable automation without the expense of large-scale IT implementations. This web-based service captures and interprets the information on supplier invoices and indexes it for accurate entry into your ERP system or workflow. Besides, if you don’t have a workflow, you can take advantage of the software’s built-in workflow.

By processing invoices in the cloud, your organization will save on server costs, software, and hardware maintenance. Moreover, your staff is set loose from the error-prone work of entering invoice information. Invoices become available online for verification and approval within moments of arrival.


Tungsten ReadSoft Invoices

Tungsten’s ReadSoft invoice processing software automates the capture, interpreting, and filing of invoice data. No matter how invoices enter your organization, on paper or in any electronic form. Furthermore, the software intelligently extracts the critical information and validates it according to a pre-defined set of rules.

The software offers many different country-specific profiles, with region-specific criteria like VAT rates, date formats, and currency characters. It is an easy-to-install, out-of-the-box invoice processing solution that is adaptable to your business invoice management requirements.

Tungsten ReadSoft Process Director

Process Director is a control center for directing processes in your SAP system, fully certified by SAP. Process Director gives you a single platform for handling a wide range of processes and methods inside your SAP system. Also, the Process Director software platform can be easily adjusted to manage specific processes. The software comes with pre-defined logic for directing document-driven and request-driven operations.

Document-driven processes

Document-driven processes mean handling delivery notes, sales orders, remittance advice, and similar documents. Process Director works as a control center where you can approve and process incoming documents, no matter how they arrive.

Request-driven processes

Processes like purchase requisitions, requests for master data changes, and creation or changes to business data (FI correction postings). With Process Director, you can enter these requests directly into SAP and send them off to the correct persons for approval.