Does Robotic Process Automation make my employees redundant?

It’s no news that companies are always looking for ways to enhance their internal processes and try to make them more efficient. What is new though, is that the technological solutions to facilitate this have become much smarter. One of the solutions which has taken off in recent years, is ‘Robotic Process Automation’, or RPA.

Thanks to RPA, multiple processes can be digitized and automated. This can bring a lot of efficiency to your financial departments. Take the invoice processing, for instance. Most companies today use a system in which invoices are booked in a uniform way. The employee that has to book these invoices, will have to perform a lot of repetitive tasks to process them.

24/7 availability

Software robots can take over these repetitive tasks. The benefits of these robots are that they can process the invoices much faster, as well as reducing errors to an absolute minimum. Besides that, the robot is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, it can book the invoice at any time, no matter when it comes in. Now, we can hear you think: “Does that make my employees redundant?” No, it doesn’t. It does however allow you to allocate your staff to tasks that have much more added value to your organization.

Your partner in Automation

Robotic Process Automation is just only one of many examples that can optimize your business processes. Dynatos will gladly help you find the best solutions for your company, ranging from financial process optimization to Intelligent Process Automation. Our specialists are professionals with expertise in finance and IT and they have profound knowledge of Purchase to Pay, Order to Cash and robotic automation. What is most important to us, is that we want to advise you in all honesty. Because Dynatos is your partner. We do not only deliver software solutions; we advise and stay by your side when needed.

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