Coupa is the unified cloud-based Business Spend Management platform.

  • Access the expenditure overviews from everywhere by the cloud-based platform.
  • Module-based platform to cover and extend your financial management needs.
  • Capture, match, and process capabilities for incoming expenses with a 90% first time-match rate.
  • Optimize spendings with a requisition to order cycle below 15 hours.
  • Measurable improvement that a new or existing solution or process delivers.

What is Coupa?

Coupa transforms the way businesses look at their spending and how they manage it. In partnership with the Business Spend Management (BSM) community, Coupa co-creates new and unique capabilities that help customers, partners, and suppliers with increased visibility, actionable insights, and solutions to manage their spending.

Coupa is still co-innovating hundreds of innovations and capabilities on a yearly base. With the platform, users can conduct all of their spending activities, including Procurement, Invoicing, Expenses, and Payments. Optimize with Spend Analysis, Strategic Sourcing and Optimization, Contract Management, Contingent Workforce, and Supplier Management, to manage suppliers and risk.

Dynatos and Coupa

Dynatos is partnering together with Coupa. Together we will grant you access to the most advanced E-Procurement Cloud platform. We help companies and organizations optimize their Business Spend Management.

The community of partners, customers, and developers is the foundation for the platform. With community Intelligence, Coupa gives you insight on how to improve your business and achieve higher goals.

Applications by Coupa

The Business Spend Management (BSM) platform provides powerful applications for everyone in the company. With the applications, the platform offers a complete BSM solution, tailored to the company’s needs.



Combine the convenience of shopping with the purchasing experience. By widely accepting purchasing software and purchasing all kinds of goods and services, companies can gain more insight and control over all purchasing expenditures and save companies a lot of time. The time saving allows employees to focus on valuable tasks.



Relieve your Accounts Payable department by digitizing the invoice flows, so that more efficient, accurate, and timely processing will happen. Automate manual work with Coupa Invoices. Furthermore, no more paper is involved in the process anymore. Allowing faster processing and delivery time.



Do you want more visibility and control of operating expenses? With the Expense module, it is easy to regain control of the costs through the software's intuitive environment. Reduce errors, and be able to pay your employees expenses on time.



As part of your Procure-to-pay process, with Coupa Pay, Coupa offers the possibility to transform the payment traffic from manual actions to digital work.


Spend analysis

Get insight into your business expenses with Coupa Expense Analysis. With the AI-driven engine to measure performance, you can take your organization's processes to a higher level.


Strategic sourcing

Gain insight into new purchasing methods, consolidate your expenses, and choose the right suppliers. Save the company a lot of money by saving costs on every purchase!


Contract management

Contract processes are essential for companies, as they form the framework for every purchase. However, these processes are often inefficient. With Coupa Contract Management, you have more control and will be able to gain a more efficient process around contracts.


Contingent workforce

Services are often the most significant cost item for more and more companies but are often insufficiently visible, and there is often not enough control over them. With the Contingent workforce, companies have the solution to attract temporary operational employees and find the right complex services, without the organization being bothered by this.


Supplier management

Optimize your supply base with the help of Artificial Intelligence and digitize the maintenance and onboarding of suppliers. Reduce the risk in the supply chain and streamlines the back office.

Why Coupa as business spend management platform

The software is focused on one thing, creating business value. It’s more than how much you paid for something or what a new solution will save. Value is the quantifiable, measurable improvement that a solution or process delivers.



The provider takes a holistic approach to spend management with a unified platform that allows organizations to see all its spending in one place. From purchasing to invoicing to expenses. See it, understand it, and control it.



The provider believes in being open, always. It builds trust through transparency, support genuine partnerships, and welcome new ideas. From strengthening relationships with suppliers to integrating with leading technologies.



The platform makes it easy for every user in the organization to get things done fast. From capturing expenses digitally to flipping invoices via email, the platform works harder, so your users don’t have to. That’s why we have the highest adoption rates in the industry.



Get smarter spend management by prescriptive recommendations, from savings opportunities to supplier insights. Leveraging collective learning across the entire Coupa platform to increase intelligence for everyone.



Coupa accelerates your business by increasing efficiency end-to-end. Get all your spend under management with faster deployment. Optimize spending with speedy transactions. Make quick decisions with the information at your fingertips. Achieve greater agility for faster time to value.

Cloud-based business spend management platform

The cloud-based accessible Business Spend Management platform capabilities in an overview:

  • Powerful and easy electronic procurement;
  • Accounts Payable automation and compliance;
  • Travel and Expense management;
  • Business to business payments and financing;
  • Sophisticated global sourcing management;
  • And even more business spend management capabilities.

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