Full control and insights with Purchase-to-Pay automation.

What is Purchase-to-Pay?

Purchase-to-Pay is the process from purchase request to payment. This process is relevant to every organization. Needs arise for different products from different layers within an organization. Besides, the entire purchasing process is often not digitized, and a lot of unnecessary time is wasted with the invoice process as a whole. There are many errors; documents disappear, and this way of working causes a lot of frustration for your employees.

Why automate the Purchase-to-Pay process?

A digitized Purchase-to-Pay process allows for faster processing time, taking advantage of payment discounts and time available to work on the primary process. Also, a digital process ensures that the correct insights into expenses are available and that the proper agreements will be arranged with the suppliers. But even that these agreements and contracts are easy to find. Budgets will be updated in real-time, which gives more control over the process from request to payment.

Purchase to pay automation

Processes within Purchase-to-Pay

A digitized Purchase-to-Pay process provides many benefits. We zoom in on the following processes:


Need, request and approval

As soon as a need arises within an organization, this need will convert into a purchase order. The responsible person must approve this request. With Purchase-to-Pay automation, you can process the approval through an approval flow, where executives can accept, reject, or change an application online.

Supplier selection and order

Once an application is approved, if not already done, the supplier can be selected. Then it is so easy that this supplier can be consulted online and is easy to compare with other suppliers. Only suppliers with existing agreements and where conditions therefore apply can be found in the overview. Purchasing becomes difficult without existing agreements or contracts. Once the supplier is known, and the product is selected, the purchaser can easily order requests. The objective is that everyone in the organization can submit an application in the simplest possible way and place it with the right supplier.

Order confirmation and receipt

In an automated Purchase-to-Pay process, the request and supplier selection have so far gone very smoothly. After the order, the order confirmation is received together with shipping and delivery information. The actual delivery then takes place and is easy to link to the existing order.

Billing and Payment

Match delivered goods automatically with the order, and process a digital flow to invoicing. The matching could be processed entirely automatically because the invoices are read, interpreted, and validated. The invoice is posted and prepared for payment. Priority can easily be given to invoices to which, for example, a payment discount applies. The invoice is ready for payment, and the Purchase process has now come to an end.

Purchase-to-Pay software

With Coupa’s Source-to-Pay platform, you have the opportunity to professionalize your organization further. The Purchase-to-Pay solution allows you to let your purchasing department work seamlessly with finance and your ERP system. With Coupa, you use one of the smartest Spend Management and Source-to-Pay platforms in the market. Contact us for the possibilities within your organization.