Kofax ReadSoft Process Director

ReadSoft Process Director resides inside SAP, meaning that you can work in your familiar SAP environment. Automatically match entered information against SAP data such as any master or transactional data (like existing purchase orders).

If there are discrepancies between the information in Process Director and the data in SAP, the user is notified and can start investigating which information is correct.

Faster and more automated processing means that you can do the same work with fewer resources.



Download the ReadSoft Process Director Infographic about workflow, process capabilities, and the concept explained.

Technical capabilities of Process Director

  • Work inside SAP with the familiar SAP look and feel.
  • Certified software by SAP.
  • The solution is strictly separated from the SAP standard and does not require any modifications in the SAP system (ABAP Add On).
  • Reuse and optimizing existing SAP infrastructure means a low total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • The automation software offers a single workflow tool for multiple processes.
  • Archiving and linking of attachments such as a scanned image with any ArchiveLink-enabled content repository.
  • Work whit Configurable worklist for easy separation and organization of documents.

Process Director processes

The solution is easily customized and configured according to your specific needs and document flows. Perfect for shared service centers wanting to add on more processes over time.

The software works seamlessly inside SAP and looks just like your regular SAP system and is certified for the latest SAP S/4 Hana environment as well.