Purchase order requisition

Leverage your existing SAP infrastructure to standardize purchase requisitioning company-wide.

What are purchase order requisitions?

Purchase order requisitions, also known simply as requisitions, are formal requests made by employees or departments within an organization to procure goods or services from suppliers or vendors. These requisitions serve as the initial step in the procurement process, initiating the workflow that leads to the creation and issuance of a purchase order.

Request and approve through a simple and easy-to-use web form.

Our purchase requisition processing software provides a configurable workflow to automate and simplify the requisition process. By delivering every approved purchaser in your business with an easy-to-use web form for requisitioning, you immediately gain visibility of all purchase requests as they move through the procurement process. At the same time, you establish an audit trail for meeting today’s and future compliance regulations.

Automated Purchase order requisition flow

The Purchase order requisition process:

  1. Initiation: Requisitions are initiated by employees or departments in need of specific goods or services. Customize purchase order templates to align precisely with your organizational requisites. From field modifications to approval pathway configurations, adapt the platform to mirror your purchasing protocols and enhance operational efficacy.
  2. Information: The Purchase requisitions contain essential information such as the description of the items or services needed, quantities required, preferred suppliers (if any), delivery timelines, and special instructions or specifications.
  3. Automated requisition approval: Before a requisition can proceed to the next stage in the workflow, it often requires approval from designated individuals within the organization. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and delays with our automated approval workflows. Define hierarchical approval structures and routing guidelines to expedite Purchase Order evaluations and endorsements by pertinent stakeholders.
  4. Creation of Purchase Orders: Once approved, the requisition is converted into a Purchase Order, which serves as a formal agreement between the buyer (the organization) and the seller (the supplier). The purchase order includes details such as item descriptions, quantities, prices, delivery dates, terms, and conditions.
  5. Order fulfillment: Upon receipt of the Purchase Order, the supplier proceeds to sending the goods or providing the requested services according to the terms specified.
  6. Invoice processing: After delivery or completion of services, the supplier sends an invoice to the organization for payment. The Accounts Payable software verifies the invoice against the corresponding Purchase Order from the ERP system, and in some cases against other supporting documentation before processing the payment to the supplier.
  7. Documentation and Tracking: Throughout the procurement process, accurate documentation and tracking of requisitions, Purchase Orders, invoices, and payments are essential for transparency, compliance, and financial management purposes. Many organizations use software systems or automated tools to manage and track these processes efficiently.

The order requisition module in 20 minutes

Process Director for Purchase Requisitions allows users to use online catalogs to select items, create a requisition, send the requisition document to a workflow (for approval or correction) and ultimately create a purchase order or purchase requisition in SAP.