Digital invoice processing

Eliminate paper and increase compliance with digital invoice processing.

What is digital Invoice processing?

Digital invoice processing is the automatic handling (receive, capture, match and process) of financial documents in a digital format. Digital invoice processing for Accounts Payable enables you to process al your incoming invoices automatically.

Our invoice management solution is the first step of an automated Purchase-to-Pay process. Digital invoice processing starts with scanning and recognizing all types of invoices, for example, PDF and XML, and uses advanced OCR software for paper invoices. A digital workflow solution manages the whole process and is integrated into your financial or ERP system. The integration makes it easy to track and correct small (manual) errors and enables approvers to look into the history and transactional data of a specific invoice.


Digital invoice automation

The benefits of invoice automation go far beyond saving your AP department from drowning in a sea of paper. Invoices are always and everywhere available, and the audit trail is there for you when you need to know what happened with a specific invoice in the past.

Digital invoice processing enables an accurate process where you can track any error easily and correct it. Besides, the operations will speed up significantly, as manual handling will be eliminated or significantly limited. Enable early payment discounts and leaves employees free to focus on more strategic tasks.

Digital invoice software

Routty is a smart channel service handling all incoming and outgoing documents with archive capabilities. Manage approvals with other business units and automate workflows with Robotic Process Automation integrations.

Kofax offers a complete portfolio of Intelligent Financial Process Automation solutions for invoice data capture, document handling, workflow management, and Robotic Process Automation.