Routty; the link for e-delivery

We already told you how we think that E-invoicing will become the new standard in finance. Not only because it will help organizations to better streamline their billing processes, but also because we see that more governments – in the long run – are making E-invoicing mandatory. At the same time though, we see companies still billing in ‘the old-fashioned way’. How do you combine those two streams of invoicing?

In just a brief period, a lot of vendors of so-called E-delivery platforms and -networks have entered the market. When we talk about E-delivery, we mean all possible electronic data flows. For instance, EDI-messages, but also XML- and PDF-documents. Every platform uses its data formats to process these flows. So, in general, vendors want their clients to connect to their network that uses that specific format. That is fair, of course, but if a supplier of yours uses one vendor’s network to send you E-invoices, and your customers use another one, that would mean that you have to be connected to both networks. That can be quite costly, not to mention that it would require a lot of manual work to convert the different file formats to be able to communicate with both your customers and suppliers.

The link between customers, suppliers and you

Our motto at Dynatos is simple: where possible, we want to automate or robotize your processes. In the last couple of years, we have been researching whether it was possible to also ease these billing processes. Our answer to that is Routty, an E-delivery platform for handling both incoming and outgoing invoices and managing the processes of it.

The difference with vendors like Basware, SAP Ariba, and the Tungsten Network? Routty is not running as a vendor network, but rather connects to existing networks. It is the independent link between the different networks and platforms that your customers and suppliers use. Routty offers integration with all existing networks and can process all different file formats. Invoices can be sent and received via the preferential channels of your trading partners, whether that are invoices via e-mail, FTP, PEPPOL or any other platform or network. You can even send your invoices to a printing partner with Routty, for them to be printed and send by regular mail. Besides that, Routty offers archive solutions – both on-premise and in the cloud – which are compliant with current rules and regulations.

Routty and your systems

As mentioned before, Routty is an independent software-solution for E-invoicing. This means that its configuration can be tailored to your specific requirements and wishes. It also means that Routty is easy to integrate with your own existing ERP-systems. That makes it easier to robotize related processes as well. Together with you, Dynatos will look at the best solutions for your organization and facilitate a smooth integration between Routty and your systems and processes.

Would you like to know more about Routty, or about our other solutions for automating your processes? Please, contact us.

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