ReadSoft Process Director Workflow capabilities

Handle exceptions with the least human effort!

Existing SAP users may access the workflow through the user interface in SAP or a browser, but can also be notified through SAP Business Workplace or the Enterprise Portal. So-called SAP internet users (users with an SAP platform user license) are supported as well. These users interact through the provided web application interface.

The runtime instances of workflows are called work items. Each work item provides the necessary invoice document data, such as the PO, PO history, and vendor data. In addition to the document data, the approver has easy access to the document image, comments added by previous users, workflow history, and processing map.

The workflow user interface can easily be configured and tailored to individual requirements. Workflow recipients (agents, approver) can add information or annotations and approve/reject the sent invoices. Document complete and precise records of all workflow steps and user actions and stored these in the workflow. The user interface provides users with current workflow and historical information of already processed Invoices where the approvers can track the invoice status.

Workflow capabilities


User-friendly web interface

All workflow processes can be taken out of SAP into a user-friendly web interface both for SAP and non-SAP users.


Approval Matrix

Automatically determines the workflow agent for a job, based on characteristics of the invoice (e.g., supplier id, invoice amount) and configurable rules in the approval matrix.


Escalation, delegation, substitution

The workflow engine provides out-of-the-box functionality for workflow automation purposes, such as reminders, escalations, or the ability to delegate tasks.


E-mail notifications

Approvers & exception handlers receive information by e-mail when invoices are awaiting their attention.



Perform approvals by using an e-mail client or a smartphone app on iOS, Android, and Windows.


SAP Fiori

Run approvals using the SAP Fiori application. Process Director is entirely in line with Fiori and also certified for an S/4 Hana environment.