Dynatos expands operations in the Nordics

UTRECHT – Dynatos, a leading strategic partner for optimizing and automating financial business processes, strengthens its position in the Nordics with the acquisition of ENTIQ AS. The Norwegian company will continue as Dynatos AS and will be part of the Dynatos Nordics region, next to the existing subsidiary in Denmark.

“With a new subsidiary in Norway we can serve our customers in the Nordics better, and it enables us to market our broader solution portfolio,” said Gert-Jan de Vries, CEO of Dynatos. “Trough the acquisition of ENTIQ AS, we serve over 350 customers and partners in the Nordics in total . We notice that the Nordics region is a frontrunner in digital transformation, our customers and partners are looking for the next step in financial process automation and have a high adoption of cloud solutions”.

“ENTIQ has a strong customerportfolio of both local and international companies. Just like in our other regions these customers are using financial process automation solutions consisting of Kofax and ReadSoft technology. In our other regions our customers are using integrated solutions inside SAP for Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash automation. We believe this is a value add for the ENTIQ customers and the Norwegian market, as many of the SAP users might not get the most out of their SAP system. Also, we see a strong demand for enhancing the existing solutions with solutions such as sourcing, procurement and e-invoicing. With this demand and automation potential, we truly believe the Nordic market is a perfect fit with the Dynatos solution portfolio and expertise, Gert-Jan de Vries continuous.”

“Making use of the team and expertise of Dynatos, we can support the Norwegian customers and the Norwegian market with a broader, state-of-the-art solution and software offering. We have strategic partnerships with market-leading financial automation software providers such as Coupa Software, the leading Business Spend Management platform for Source-to-Pay and Procurement processes. We are a platinum reseller and Master VAR for Kofax in Europe, where we combine Kofax technology with our own software, Routty, for electronic invoicing and processing in order to drive digital transformation. We have a complete portfolio for financial process automation and related services, with a strong focus on SAP. Besides automation, we focus on financial process optimization, through our partner agreement with Minit for process mining. We have developed plug and mine packages that are compatible with Kofax solutions for SAP. It enables us not only to automate processes but also to discover optimization potential.”

The Dynatos Norway team will led by Vlad Alexandru Stoian, working for years within the software industry, previous for Basware and Kofax. The Norwegian team has over 25 years of experience with the implementation of financial process solutions and SAP. “We strive for the best expertise in financial automation and are excited to onboard the Norwegian team,” said Gert-Jan de Vries.

Vlad Alexandru Stoian, VP Operations Norway, says, “I look forward working with the Dynatos team and expanding our operations further within the market. We strive to make our customers achieve their targets by working smarter and efficiently through digitalization and competence. Together with the expertise of Dynatos, we can serve a complete portfolio of financial automation solutions and services which enables us to be a true strategic partner,” Vlad Alexandru continuous. “Together with the other Dynatos experts in the Nordics, we have the experience and knowledge to create value within financial process automation and to serve the complete Nordic region.”

Jesper Tinggaard Rasmussen, VP Operations Nordics, added, “Together with the team from Norway, we have a great asset in the Nordic market. We notice a growing demand for financial process automation, and we have a lot of International customers and partners in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. With the acquisition of ENTIQ, we incorporate lots of additional knowledge in our software offering and industry.”

“With the start of Dynatos Norway, we are delighted by the continuous growth of Dynatos in EMEA and the Nordics. We look forward to growing the current operations in the region and expanding our National and International footprint of value-adding automation services together with our customers and our valued partners,” Gert-Jan de Vries closed.

Dynatos is a leading expert in optimizing and automating financial processes. With over 700 international customers and offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Norway, and Denmark, Dynatos helps customers streamline all aspects of the financial department, making repetitive tasks obsolete giving employees more time to work on value-adding activities. With Dynatos’ solutions and approach, it aims for a long-term partnership as a trusted advisor. Dynatos is a rapidly growing worldwide certified solution provider for Financial Process Automation solutions.

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