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Three insights from Bas Vroemen

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‘Find your focus, together,’ is a recommendation from Dynatos’ own Bas Vroemen. He’s Director Intelligent Automation at our label OptiMinds. Where Dynatos focuses on financial processing, OptiMinds is an expert in financial process optimization and document intelligence. Let Bas invite you into his helicopter and learn his most significant insights from over twenty years of experience in the financial field.

1: Find your bigger picture

‘What is our goal, together?’ Bas wonders. As an avid athlete, he is constantly searching for improvement. ‘I look for what helps us in the process. I enjoy supporting organizations and people in reaching their goals and living up to their full potential. In doing so, I bring together the right people and their skills to achieve the best result.’

Bas applies this to all aspects of life, from coaching mountain bikers to identifying the knot in complex financial processes. When Bas walks in, you can trust he will get to the bottom of your way of working. This may mean you uncover problems you didn’t even know you had. Or you might not need the bulk of products you thought you would. All with one thing in mind, Bas explains: ‘I want to uncover where the “pain” is located. Asking the right questions to put myself in every organization’s shoes. I invite them into my metaphorical helicopter. Together, we take a step back. We look at their process as a whole. Where do we start, and where do we go? Why do we take this exact route?’

That’s the beauty of the knowledge triangle at Dynatos.

2: Know your focus

The only way is forward once Bas knows the processes’ ins and outs. Bas combines his knowledge of people with his expertise in the financial field. One of his powers is his determination. Once Bas identifies a need, he will keep running or cycling until that need is no longer there. ‘But,’ he says, ‘this determination cannot exist without self-awareness. You have to know up to what point your skills and knowledge suffice. Whenever I identify a need for additional skills in technical details, I make sure to involve them. That’s another favorite part of my job: bringing the right people together.’

This way of working originates from the belief in focus, Bas explains. ‘If you focus on a specificity, you can do that really well. Where Dynatos concentrates on the financial aspect of organizational processes, OptiMinds handles the latter as a whole. Of course, an overlap exists. That’s the beauty of the knowledge triangle at Dynatos. Together, we cover consultancy, tech, and finance. We excel in a process improvement funnel.’

Ideally, we make their jobs less repetitive and more challenging.

3: Stay aware of implications

Process optimization is change at its core. How does Bas handle change himself? He admits: ‘I can be stubborn, but I believe change is possible for everyone and every organization. For me, an external factor is crucial: I need the right arguments, coming from the right person. Then, I feel like I can truly change.’

‘In process management, it’s essential to be aware of the implications of what we do. In a sense, we sell change. And that change is not only about technology but also about people, their behavior, and teams. We investigate the implications of our process adjustments: what does it mean for the employees and their clients?’ Bas points out that this can be an intricate process. Since automation is based on efficiency, some jobs are possibly made redundant. ‘We aim to direct our change management so people can use their time more efficiently. Ideally, we make their jobs less repetitive and more challenging.’

Bas strives for durable change. ‘I don’t believe in sticking band-aids onto deeper wounds. We need to understand cause and effects. That is the only way to get a robust solution to your problems. I want to be an advisor and help, not just sell. At OptiMinds, we challenge your way of working. Next, we change it into what actually works.’

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