Get the most out of ReadSoft Process Director

Many organizations use Kofax ReadSoft Process Director to process invoices in SAP automatically. SAP is, therefore, the ideal environment to automate document and request-driven processes by using Kofax ReadSoft Process Director. But besides processing invoices, the software can do much more for your organization.

The software focuses on automatic scanning, recognition, and processing of financial documents. It makes no difference whether the invoice arrives on paper or when another file format is received. After capturing and recognizing the document information, ReadSoft sends the data to the workflow or ERP system, such as SAP.

Of course, you want to stay in control. Therefore, there is a fully integrated solution Kofax ReadSoft Process Director in your SAP environment. If there are any discrepancies between the information in Process Director and the data in SAP, the user is notified and can start investigating which things are not correct. Therefore the software works – in addition to the automatic processing of document data – as a control center for creating and stirring automated processes.

Optimize your automatic processes

Process Director is therefore used by many companies to process incoming invoices. But within an organization, there are many more document and request-driven processes. This includes, for example, sales orders, but also order confirmations or acknowledgments of receipt. Process Director is able to process these documents in SAP automatically. Here again, it applies that in the event of any discrepancies, a workflow can be triggered automatically.

In addition to document-driven processes, the software can also process request-driven operations. These processes can relate to approval of payments, the processing of financial transactions, but also, for example, to purchase requisitions. Process Director ensures that the required data from the application, possibly via a portal, is correctly delivered to your SAP system. In this way, the process manager has real-time and accurate data available, which results in efficient business operations that are also less prone to errors.

Are you getting the most out of your Process Director environment?

There are many possibilities to obtain even more benefits with Process Director. That is why on April 23rd, we organize a Webinar about Kofax ReadSoft Process Director. We will discuss various financial processes that can be automated with the software, such as Delivery notes, Order Confirmations, and Sales Orders, but also Purchase Requisitions, Payment Approvals, Vendor master data, and Financial Postings.

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