Readsoft Partner

With more than 80 staff-years of experience in ReadSoft technology, we have helped many organizations become best in class in Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) Order-to-Cash (O2C). ReadSoft is part of Lexmark Enterprise Software.

The ReadSoft’s portfolio offers multiple solutions to automate Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash processes and makes information available to users at the right time. The automation allows organizations and Shared Service Centers to reproduce various financial processes in real-time and help to organize process automation.

ReadSoft’s leading scanning and recording software captures and recognizes the essential information from electronic documents, quickly and with the highest accuracy. The ReadSoft software contains intelligent recognition technology: the software teaches itself how to interpret specific templates and documents, process them, and send the data to the corresponding business applications.

The most popular ReadSoft software solutions are ReadSoft Process Director, ReadSoft Online, and ReadSoft INVOICES.

International expertise in:

  • ReadSoft Invoices and ReadSoft Online;
  • ReadSoft Process Director for SAP;
  • ReadSoft ProcessIT for ORACLE;
  • ReadSoft Documents, Forms, and Xbound.