Dynatos at Coupa Inspire London 2023

Ignite Procurement Excellence


3 min.

London, June 2023 – Calling all members of the Coupa community! Join us in the vibrant city of London for an extraordinary two-day event on the 20th and 21st of June. Immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge sessions featuring industry leaders, including the visionary Executives of Coupa. Engage with esteemed enterprise Procurement Officers, Partners, and an array of professionals to unlock the latest insights into Business Spend Management trends.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit our booth at Coupa Inspire and delve into the world of Dynatos’s unique approach to maximizing the value of your Coupa solution. Gain valuable insights on our post-go-live customer management and unique Routty integration. Our experts will delve into the intricate web of international finance and procurement regulations, shedding light on risk mitigation and clarifying procurement activities. Be amazed by the capabilities of our cutting-edge Routty e-invoicing connection, enabling seamless integration with Coupa’s CXML format and any digital document type or channel. Learn more about the power of our OCR technology, mapping, and matching functionalities that seamlessly integrate with the Coupa Business Spend Management software.

Be inspired as you connect with like-minded professionals within the dynamic procurement community. Engage in captivating keynote sessions that shed light on industry trends, partake in networking lunches to forge meaningful connections, explore the Expo Village to discover the latest innovations, and join us in an unforgettable community celebration.

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