Sales order processing in SAP

Gain control of the data that fuels your business processes.

Positive cash flow is getting more and more critical for today’s economic climate. The question is how to convert assets to cash, avoid bad debts and deficiencies while retaining ánd improving your customer satisfaction.

The short answer: Streamline and automate the order-to-cash processes, improve communication, and minimize the time from order to confirmation, fulfillment, invoicing, and collection. The place to start is with efficient sales order processing for SAP, the basis for all subsequent actions.

Discover the benefits of efficient Sales Order processing in SAP

Standardized sales order processing ensures that the right data is collected so that as it flows from order to fulfillment to invoicing, completeness, and accuracy are still in place. Traditionally, sales order processes can be very time consuming and error-prone. The material ordered is unknown; the order is difficult to track; the pricing does not match and more.

As a certified SAP add-on, our automated solution for handling incoming customer orders resides and works seamlessly inside your SAP. When a customer order arrives, the OCR technology automatically handles the gathering and recording of relevant information. It then provides checks against existing data in SAP and built-in workflow for managing any sales order discrepancies.