Receiving XML invoices through PEPPOL

It gets easier and easier to implement XML invoices in your current financial processes. Receive your supplier invoices –and attachments- via PEPPOL and integrate them automatically in your current process. No long implementations, No high cost. This is especially interesting in combination with capture software such as ReadSoft INVOICES, ReadSoft Online or similar, as it works as a Dynatos Plugin for your invoice capture software.

But let’s start with the basics…

What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL stands for Pan European Public Procurement Online and is a network widely used for sending and receiving invoices both to the government (B2G) and between companies (B2B). Dynatos, as a certified Access Point, works already with more than 350 registered members to PEPPOL’s network.

Why should I use PEPPOL?

Three simple reasons:

  • PEPPOL invoices are 100% recognized, they require zero-intervention in ReadSoft INVOICES or ONLINE;
  • The integration to your current process requires ZERO investment in infrastructure;
  • By having a connection to our Peppol Access Point connection, you can receive invoices from your suppliers AND send invoices to your customers.

How can I implement PEPPOL in my current process?

The implementation requires one “set it and forget it” intervention:

  • Installation of Dynatos PEPPOL plugin;
  • Configuration of Dynatos PEPPOL plugin to connect to our Access Point;
  • Define a location in your local network to download the XML files;
  • One-time check of the XML mapping according to your invoice profile;
  • (ReadSoft INVOICES) Configuration of jobs to import XML’s;
  • Test;

And go-live!

The Dynatos plugin receives the XML invoice from our Access Point in the PEPPOL’s network. The invoice is downloaded to your local network in order to be imported into ReadSoft later on.

Extra technical requirement?
If you work with ReadSoft INVOICES: you need COLLECTOR plugin.
If you work with ReadSoft ONLINE: you need our Dynatos Webservice, ONLY if you want to include attachments in your process.

How do I know if my suppliers are registered in PEPPOL’s network?
Don’t worry, we can also help you on that!

Visit our e-invoicing page for more information and discover the possibilities.

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