ReadSoft Online name change to Kofax AP Essentials


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The cloud-based invoice automation software, Kofax ReadSoft Online, is renamed Kofax AP Essentials. Kofax stated: “We renamed the Kofax ReadSoft Online software in Kofax AP Essentials because we want to reinforce the commitment of helping organizations #WorkLikeTomorrow.”

The digital automation software suite launched a significant usability update with the rename. Here is what’s new in Kofax AP Essentials 10.4:

Copy PO data to new customer invoices

Support customer invoice creation within the ERP system by copying PO data over to new customer invoices.

Handle exceptions and add users quickly

With the latest release of Kofax AP essentials, new approvers can be added to the system whenever you need them. Together with improved workflow capabilities, the handling of invoice exceptions has never been more efficient.

Managing learned processes

Administrators can put the system’s self-learning processes on hold for specific suppliers. Therefore, new findings will not overwrite learned data when processing irregular documents.

Country support

Indonesia, Singapore, and the invoice format of the Philippines are now supported.

Better integrations

Kofax continuously updates the integration with ERP ecosystems. The latest update improved the integration with Coupa and Oracle NetSuite. The integration with SAP is also enhanced significantly by launching the new SAP S/4 Hana ES connector.


The ” touch-rate ” analytics expansion enables measuring the number of invoices processed without exceptions. Therefore, making workflow handling and optimization more efficient.

Organizations eliminate manual invoice processing with the cloud-based solution of Kofax AP essentials, formerly ReadSoft Online, complete with an extensive capture module, automatic processing, exception handling and ERP integrations. If you have questions about the new release or want to know more about Kofax AP Essentials contact us and we will get you in touch with one of our automated invoice processing specialists.

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