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About the customer

The Japanese company Yokogawa designs and builds advanced process climate systems, test and measurement devices. With over 19.000 employees, 19 factories and 92 offices in 60 countries, Yokogawa is a worldwide player. Yokogawa’s customers are leading companies in the process industry. The European headquarters in Amersfoort have many finance functions concentrated with just a few resources.

In Amersfoort, over 500 incoming invoices are weekly processed within ReadSoft Process Director in SAP. “An innovative engineering company such as Yokogawa should work with modern and smart automation solutions,” Menno de Boer thinks, Manager Accounting at Yokogawa. “We have the ambition to continuously optimize our financial processes. For example, transforming more pdf invoices to XML and applying automation on more processes than just invoice automation.”

Dynatos is proud of being a strategic partner for Yokogawa. “Dynatos has deep knowledge of finance and IT and they really help us reaching our goals. I love their ‘make it happen’ mentality.” Says Menno finally.






Menno de Boer

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