Experience on moving to the cloud

About the customer

Bpost is Belgium’s leading postal operator and a growing parcel & omni-commerce logistics partner in Europe, North America and Asia. Their 36,000 employees in Belgium and across the globe connect consumers, businesses and governments by delivering mail and parcels to millions of doorsteps and providing e-commerce logistic services. 

Their accounts payable (AP) team, located in Brussels, handles around 120,000 supplier invoices per year. The whole Bpost group receives 90% of their invoices in digital format (PDF, XML) and 10% in paper. 


  • Due to the dynamic organization in the AP department, team members are rotated and moved to different teams on regular basis. Consequently, internal Help Desk had to keep a good pace in the preparation of laptops.
  • On-premise installations, configurations and credentials must be ready on-time for the AP clerk in turn. This was not always possible, and the team member was benched while waiting for his device. The accumulation of invoices to process affected the performance and the motivation of the team.
  • Product upgrades and specific configuration had to be applied on every device. Time that could not be underestimated and had to be carefully planned in advance.
  • The number of licenses was also a limitation, especially in periods with high workload. Extra support from other colleagues could not be added on-demand.
  • In 2019, the Procure to Pay process was migrated to Oracle ERP cloud. Following the company strategy, ICT department had the mission to migrate all other applications to the cloud.

Company strategy and performance improvement were the main reasons to find a solution: a cloud-based application, capable to be implemented -and integrated with Oracle- in the short term.







Michaël Vastenaeken

Veerle de Houwer

Software solution

How our software helps

After a short and dedicated evaluation of products, Bpost chose the cloud-based solution of Kofax and, in partnership with Dynatos, the project started right away.
We had worked together in the on-premise implementation, some years ago. Therefore, the analysis of the process and new requirements was a phase without complications.

The good collaboration between Bpost and Dynatos made it possible to manage the entire project remotely during the COVID-19 period. The team achieved a successful implementation within 3 months!

The solution in place includes:

  • Automated import of invoices, received via email or uploaded by the scanning department, are sent to the OCR engine.
  • Automated verification.
  • Master data and PO data synchronization with Oracle ERP cloud.
  • Basic checks and export to Oracle ERP cloud via API.

"We heard about ReadSoft Online and the product offered standard and easy-implementation capabilities. The product fits our needs and we were happy with the collaboration with Dynatos, those were the main reasons of our decision."

Steven Touchant



  • Recognition improvements and self-learning of invoices reduced human intervention during verification.
  • AP clerks can focus on exceptions, improving the quality of the data before it is sent to Oracle.
  • Reporting is big win. High level overviews and detail reports are available to monitor the process and performance.
  • Flexible user management, no local installations and just to need a browser make the life easier to a dynamic and rotative team!

"We are happy with the solution; it was an improvement! Recognition, performance and quality of the data are better. Invoice holds in Oracle have been reduced significantly."

Michaël Vastenaeken