Thank you 2017, our review

Thank you 2017. What a year! Definitely “time flies, when you’re having fun”. We welcomed new products in our portfolio, new opportunities and ambitious customers… It was an exciting year!

Some highlights we are looking back to:

  • We expanded our operations with the opening of Dynatos Iberia, managed by Antonio Garcia Guerrero. It enabled us to support global customers in their digital finance transformation.
  • We have been recognized by Kofax as preferred Service Provider Partner (the ‘go-to’ specialist) EMEA for all ReadSoft software solutions. “Dynatos greatly values the relationship we have built with Kofax over the years.” Said Gert-Jan de Vries, Managing Partner at Dynatos. “The international partnership between Kofax and Dynatos provides our customers with a powerful combination of Kofax’ innovative technology and Dynatos’ deep knowledge and experience.
  • Many new and ambitious customers we are very happy to welcome (like Efteling, Besix, Cantillana, Ineos, ProDuo, Drylock).
  • We have put together our companies’ core values into what we stand for. Within our company culture, we strongly believe in the principles of Challenging, Value creation, Accountability and Excellence. Now we call it the WAVE.

Before closing this year, we want to thank our customers for their trust and acknowledge our WAVE team for their contribution to this wonderful year. Thank you all!

We are definitely ready for the New Year. For a successful 2018, Cheers!

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