Kofax TotalAgility (KTA)

TotalAgility is the foundation for enterprise operations, orchestrating digital workflows in collaboration with users, systems, and data.

  • Transform high-value business processes, such as new customer onboarding, claim processing, loan automation, customer service, supplier management, and more.
  • Deliver more value at each human touchpoint and link traditional and digital channels.
  • Process any document, from any channel and eliminate manual extraction of information.
  • Optimize the customer experience and provide a higher level of service.
Kofax Total Agility

What is Kofax TotalAgility?

Kofax TotalAgility is the only solution on the market that brings together document intelligence, process orchestration, and advanced integration capabilities required to meet today’s increasing challenges of customer experience and operational excellence. The software offers a single platform embedded with Document Intelligence, Process Orchestration and Connected Systems – to help customers develop, deploy, administer and manage enterprise automation at scale.

Kofax Total Agility

TotalAgility provides pre-built integration to other capabilities of the Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform, seamlessly orchestrating intelligent automation solutions that digitally transform high value workflows.

Kofax KTA laptopview

Integration features

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using Kofax RPA or any other RPA tool.
  • Electronic document signing with Kofax SignDoc.
  • Customer Interactions with Kofax Communications Manager.
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence Services with Kofax Insight.
  • Mobile Capture and Digital Identity Verification.
  • Microsoft products e.g. SharePoint, Dynamics, Word, Exchange, SQL Server.
  • Common Web Services standard e.g. Soap, Soap WCF, Rest.
  • NET e.g. call a .NET dll directly from a process.

Why Kofax TotalAgility as your modern, mobile-first, omnichannel solution?

Five reasons why organizations should use the intelligent automation platform.


Document Intelligence

TotalAgility brings its market-leading cognitive capture capabilities to the hands of business analysts and non-technical users to solve content-centric challenges, including classification and extraction from financial documents, contracts, forms and other information-intensive documents. Your organization can accelerate information-intensive workflows by applying cognitive capture and artificial intelligence to unstructured data in order to automate and extract information and unlock data insights.


Connected Systems

TotalAgility brings together business systems (applications, legacy, chatbots, mobile, etc.) across internal and external business processes. By connecting these systems, it will streamline data across your operations, bringing new, innovative business models to market—faster.


Process Orchestration

TotalAgility makes it simple to add and manage digital workforce capacity on-demand, with the flexibility and agility you need to scale and optimize service levels. This frees up bandwidth so employees can move away from mundane, repetitive tasks and focus on high-value, strategic work, improving employee satisfaction and productivity.


Embedded Artificial Intelligence

The AI embedded in TotalAgility hyper-accelerates your automation efforts and gives customers more flexibility in how they want to analyze content and more power to process and understand complex unstructured documents. With no coding required, you can easily deploy advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to think, act upon and interpret data for uses such as content classification, summarization, sentiment analysis and more.



Low-code enables business users and citizen developers to build smarter and configure solutions on TotalAgility. Low-code is achieved on the platform by providing intuitive design, preconfigured functionalities, components of services and simplified integration with third-party applications. In addition, the TotalAgility designer features a drag and drop interface for creating solutions and facilitating the configuration of business logic (rules, forms, conditions, loops, etc.).

Deploy On-Premises or in the Cloud

TotalAgility provides a versatile, modern, open architecture and is specifically designed to give organizations the flexibility to deploy either on-premises or in the cloud with these deployment options:

Your premises, or your cloud — multi-tenant:

Install TotalAgility on-premises or in your preferred cloud, and service multiple tenants with a single TotalAgility installation. TotalAgility’s multi-tenanted architecture ensures each tenant’s data and application configuration stays completely isolated from other tenants on the same system. Efficiently provide cognitive capture services to multiple internal departments, or offer cognitive capture services to your customers.

Total agility on premise

The Kofax Cloud:

Let Kofax take care of the installation and configuration of the systems that support TotalAgility, by subscribing to the TotalAgility Cloud service running on Microsoft Azure. Get started developing your intelligent automation application immediately without the hassle of installing and configuring hardware and software. Achieve faster time to value, increased scalability and business agility, lower cost and reduced IT dependency.

Total agility cloud or on premise

Docker container:

Simplify and accelerate deployment of your TotalAgility software and projects by creating and deploying a Docker container into any Docker-supported on-premises or cloudbased environment.


During a live demonstration, we will specify the functionalities based on your current situation and needs.