The Strategic CFO: Maintaining a Competitive Edge in Uncertain Times

The Strategic CFO: Maintaining a competitive edge in uncertain times

Navigate the tightrope of today’s financial challenges

  • Unpack the tactics CFOs are employing to navigate market volatility and supply chain disruptions.
  • Learn how finance leaders are balancing cost-reduction with profit-building to ensure growth.
  • Explore the impact of Business Spend Management (BSM) platforms in fostering resilience and informed decision-making.

In the current economic landscape, finance leaders are tasked with finding the perfect equilibrium between minimizing costs and fueling growth. The insights from Coupa’s survey of 600 CFOs across North America and Europe, as outlined in the Strategic CFO Survey report, shed light on how technology, specifically Business Spend Management (BSM) platforms, plays a pivotal role in this balancing act. This comprehensive guide offers valuable strategies for CFOs to navigate financial challenges with informed decisions, ensuring their companies survive and thrive amidst market volatility and supply chain disruptions.