Know the contract management solution with Onbase by Hyland

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About the ebook

Hyland’s OnBase solution for contract management provides you with a centralized storage repository, giving employees immediate access to information.

Standardize contract practices and provide staff with a comprehensive view of all contract-related information, tasks, activities, and correspondence. With Hyland’s contract management solution, you’ll streamline every step of the contract lifecycle, from request to approval, through expiration and renewal. Accelerate cycle times, improve responsiveness, and drive business value across the organization through better contract processes.

“The solution is easy to use and dramatically speeds up turnaround time for complete and incomplete contracts. In short, the solution exceeded our expectations ”. Bert van den Berg, BMW Group Financial Services

With Hyland’s OnBase, organizations:

  • Securely store contracts while providing easy access to those who need it.
  • They track all changes to a contract, helping you document regulatory compliance and reduce the time required to perform an audit.
  • Increase visibility into the contract process, allowing you to instantly see contract status, identify bottlenecks, and improve job cycle times.