Coupa 4 Stages of Procurement Maturity

How do you score? Download the 4 Stage Procurement Maturity Model

  • The 4 stages of procurement maturity, from tactical & operational to business innovation.
  • What people, processes, and technology you need to advance your procurement maturity.
  • How mature organizations use a 5- or 7-step sourcing process to maximize value.

About the eBook

Learn how to contain costs and mitigate risk by moving to the next stage in your procurement maturity. Advance to become a partner in driving business innovation.

This report details a Procurement Organization Maturity Model to help you understand where your organization stands today, how to measure value at that stage, and when to plan for moving to higher stages towards best-in-class–to spend smarter by tapping into the power of advanced negotiation and community “intelligence” to drive business innovation