Riding the digital wave: What’s next for e-Invoicing in Europe and everywhere else


Romania expands e-invoicing to B2C transactions by 2025

The Romanian government is set to extend its e-invoicing system to include B2C transactions. Starting January 2025, all B2C invoices must be issued electronically, following a voluntary period beginning July 2024. E-Invoicing Extension Timeline Voluntary…

Official postponement of KSeF in Poland

In June 2024, the President of Poland signed several laws, with a key focus on the postponement of the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF). The amendment to the Act on tax on goods and services (VAT)…

Welcome to the digital age, where everything from chatting with friends to paying bills is getting a digital makeover. E-Invoicing is leading the charge in Europe, making life easier for businesses and governments alike. We’ve got you covered on e-Invoicing news from Europe to the ends of the earth because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a global perspective? Our primary focus will be Europe though.

What’s the deal with e-Invoicing in Europe?

Europe aims to make financial transactions smoother, faster, and less of a headache. Countries are doing their own thing, but they’re all about cutting down on paper and improving efficiency. We’ll take you on a tour from Italy’s trendsetting ways to Germany and France’s latest moves.

Why bother with e-Invoicing?

Beyond just ticking off regulatory boxes, e-Invoicing is like a secret weapon for your business. Think less paperwork, quicker payments, and say goodbye to lost invoices. Plus, governments get a clearer picture of what’s going on, making the economy a bit more transparent for all of us.

The nitty-gritty: EU directives and standards

Getting down to brass tacks, this EU Directive and a European Standard are making e-Invoicing a breeze across borders. If you’re in business, wrapping your head around these can help keep things smooth sailing.

Making the switch: your e-Invoicing roadmap

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to level up your e-Invoicing game, there’s a path to follow. We’re here to guide you through picking the right tools, fitting them into your workflow, and making the magic happen.

E-Invoicing isn’t just a European thing

Europe might be leading the pack, but the e-Invoicing party is worldwide. From Latin America’s tech strides to Asia’s bold moves, we’re watching for the most significant developments anywhere they’re happening.

Keeping up: why staying in the loop matters

In the whirlwind world of e-Invoicing, things change at the speed of light. Stick with us, and you’ll always be in the know on the latest and greatest, from Europe’s front lines to far-off places making their mark.

Jumping into e-Invoicing isn’t just a smart move; it’s a leap into the future of business. Stick around for all the updates, tips, and tales from the e-Invoicing journey right here in Europe and beyond. Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you updated. So bookmark or save this page on your read list, and we’ll stay informed together.