Integrated legal Archive with Process Director

Store your documents electronically!

Automatically store all document types (PDF, XML, or EDI) in the archive with metadata for easy consult and access. Access documents from within the SAP GUI. Additionally, the legal archive can be accessed using a web portal equipped with advanced search functionalities, allowing non-SAP users to access the archive.

Capture capabilities


Automatic life cycle management

Automatically manage the life cycle of documents. In the function of the document type, you can determine the retention period in the system (ex. 7, 10, or 20 years).


High security

Documents are secured in the archive by a hash signing algorithm. Prove the integrity and authenticity of an invoice through the audit trails.


Fast retrieval

Extensive search features allow you to retrieve any invoice in no time, as long as you have the necessary access rights.


Easy sharing

Share invoices and attachments easily with external people via secure links.


More than just invoices

The archive can be used for all documents, regardless of their size or file type.