Boost procure to pay with PEPPOL

Are you wondering: can PEPPOL also be used for B2B?

The answer is: yes.

PEPPOL was initiated by the European public sector to be able to exchange electronic purchasing documents with its suppliers. However, the network has grown in popularity and is no longer used solely for exchange with the government. Nowadays, every organization can exchange invoices and documents with other organizations that are connected to the PEPPOL network.


  • You can access the PEPPOL network through a “Certified Access Point Provider”.
  • Not only invoices but also purchase orders and credit notes can be exchanged.
  • These types of documents can be sent and received via PEPPOL.
  • Boost the P2P process by automating the import of these documents into the financial system.
  • An investment in setting up an infrastructure is not necessary, as well as long implementation periods and costs.

As a Certified Access Point, Dynatos makes it possible for you to connect to the PEPPOL network and to start exchanging financial documents with customers and suppliers. If you already have a form of electronic invoicing up & running, then this process can continue in its current form.

Do you have questions about E-invoicing via PEPPOL? We are happy to sit with you to go through the basics.

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