Dynatos announces mid-market collaboration with Coupa

UTRECHT – Dynatos, a leading strategic partner for optimizing and automating financial business processes, has been named by Coupa as a Certified Reseller Partner. “Working together, we extend our portfolio with the market-leading Business Spend Management software from Coupa. Adding Coupa’s Business Spend Management software to our solution offering, we are able to provide end-to-end solutions for our customers. We have learned that the true value for our customers is not only in Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable but in the full procure-to-pay process and beyond. The Coupa platform is uniquely equipped to handle each and every aspect of the procure-to-pay process, which enables our customers to spend smarter and accelerate growth. Therefore, our collaboration with Coupa is truly strategic for us”, says Gert-Jan de Vries, CEO of Dynatos.

Today, customers are demanding a low-effort digital buying experience; together with external risks like Brexit or the current worldwide pandemic, it becomes more difficult for organizations to perform their business activities to their fullest potential. Efficiency, risk management and compliance are more important than ever. Therefore, streamlining business processes, such as procurement activities, are impactful optimizations.

Coupa is a leading provider of Business Spend Management solutions. The platform helps organizations transform information-intensive procurement processes across involved business units. Thereby, reducing manual work, risk, errors, inefficient costs, and making it possible to improve the procurement efficiency as well as adaptability.

“Tight integration with our Routty and ReadSoft Online solutions drive even more value from the financial processes’’ De Vries continues. “Our Routty platform together with Coupa gives organizations true digital transformation potential. It enables transformation to e-invoicing using artificial intelligence, making it smarter, faster and delivering more value. With standard connections to e-invoicing channels and all possible formats, we are able to offer our clients a powerful solution to achieve their financial digitalization targets. All, with customer experience and business value in mind’’.

Coupa’s Business Spend Management platform combines sophisticated global sourcing with a powerful and easy to use e-procurement platform. Enabling it to manage supplier contracts, orders, invoices, expenses plus business-to-business payments and financing. Therefore, Coupa is an all-in-one Business Spend Management platform that helps organizations spend smarter.

Dynatos is a leading expert in optimizing and automating financial processes. With over 500 international customers and offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Iberia, and the Nordics, Dynatos helps customers to streamline all aspects of the financial department, making repetitive tasks obsolete and giving employees more time to work on value-adding activities. With Dynatos’ solutions and approach, it aims for a long-term partnership as a trusted advisor. Dynatos is a worldwide certified solution provider for all Coupa solutions.

“With the Coupa platform and Dynatos expertise, mid-market businesses will be able to automate their purchase-to-pay processes end-to-end, integrating other financial automation solutions from our portfolio such as Routty and ReadSoft Online. Dynatos acts as an expert and strategic partner and helps with the optimization and implementation of all solutions,” concludes De Vries.

David Wolstencroft, VP EMEA Alliances at Coupa Software says, “With the challenges in the current economic climate, but also with the opportunities of recovery, every spending decision counts towards business resiliency and growth. On-demand visibility over committed spend and outgoing liabilities will help organisations make better, faster, smarter spend decisions and build that resiliency. With Dynatos now part of the Coupa Certified Reseller community, we are excited to help European businesses identify opportunities for operational efficiency and make the best use of the value provided by our business spend management platform and associated applications”.

For more information about our solutions and work with Coupa, please contact one of the Dynatos representatives.

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