Coupa and Dynatos “partners with Value”

In collaboration with Coupa, we help organizations make Spend Management more transparent, automated and optimized. With Source-to-Pay software, we strive to get maximum value from the Spend Management of every organization.

Coupa’s software is an excellent addition to the Dynatos portfolio for our customers to enable a complete digital transformation without depending on a single software solution or provider. This way, we always offer the most suitable solution for your business processes.

Therefore, we are very enthusiastic about the partnership with Coupa, the market leader in the field of Business Spend Management software. By joining forces, we give you access to the most advanced Procurement Cloud platform.

The Coupa platform

For Coupa, the community of partners, customers, and suppliers form the basis of the Business Spend Management platform. With Coupa community intelligence, you gain insights into how you can improve your business processes and make these improvements measurable based on success cases.

Coupa is; therefore the all-in-one Business Spend Management platform. Coupa is changing the way businesses view spending and how it is managed. In collaboration with the community, Coupa creates new and unique opportunities that help customers, partners, and suppliers optimize Spend Management processes. The Coupa platform provides actionable insights and solutions to manage existing expenses and further optimization opportunities.

The platform innovates with hundreds of innovations and new possibilities every year. Users can now execute all expenses with the platform, including sourcing, purchasing, invoicing, and payments using the various modules, including Coupa Pay for outgoing payments.

The platform offers powerful modules for all different departments and employees. With the various applications, the Coupa platform provides a complete Procurement platform tailored to its needs.

By using procurement software, companies can gain more insight and control over all expenses and save a lot of time and money. The accounts payable department is also relieved by digitizing invoice flows for more efficient, accurate, and timely processing. In this way, we add value to your Procurement department and the overall Purchase-to-Pay process.

Read more about optimizing the purchasing process, the Coupa platform, and optimize the Spend Management strategy in the white paper “Source-to-Pay Optimization”.

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