ReadSoft Online: 5 tips and tricks for users

When I started working at Dynatos three years ago, one of the first solutions I specialized myself in was the ReadSoft Online platform. Back then, this was still an emerging technology for invoice capture in the cloud, and during the past years, many new features and improvements were added at a fast pace. Nowadays, it’s a complete solution for invoice capture with mobile approval and analytical coding for any type of invoice, which can easily be integrated with any modern accounting application.

In this blog, I will provide you with my top 5 tips and tricks for working with ReadSoft Online. The audience of this blog should have good knowledge of ReadSoft Online.

Top 5 tips and trick for working with ReadSoft Online:

  1. Drawing or double click… that’s the question.
  2. Users versus groups.
  3. ReadSoft Mobile application
  4. Disable ‘keep batch together’.
  5. Save the best for last… API Web service.

1. Drawing or double click… that’s the question

When the data capture engine of ReadSoft Online is not able to correctly identify an invoice field on the document, the user can manually change the value so that the self-learning engine becomes better and more accurate over time.

Correcting a field  can be done in multiple ways:

  • By drawing a rectangle around the value on the invoice image while holding down the control key
  • By manually entering the value
  • By selecting a value from a list of choices (master data)
  • By double clicking the value on the image while holding down the control key

The double click method is the more efficient way to teach the data capture engine where to find a specific field on the invoice image. Using this method will improve overall invoice recognition rates over time.

2. Users versus groups

In ReadSoft Online, each user has his own account. Each account is given certain privileges (e.g.: verify & correct invoices, approve invoices, access the storage, …). Privileges can be granted at a user or at a group level. In general, privileges at user level will over-rule privileges at the group level. But managing privileges at a group level will save a lot of effort when adding new users to the platform. Users can be added or removed from groups, and by doing so, they will instantly receive the correct privileges.

3. ReadSoft Mobile application

The ReadSoft Online platform comes with a free mobile application that lets you approve or reject invoices from your mobile device. The application can be downloaded from the app store and is called ‘ReadSoft Mobile’. All it takes to configure the app is to provide the correct URL to the ReadSoft Online environment and your account details. All other settings are retrieved automatically. When starting to the application, a user instantly sees a list of invoices that are awaiting approval. The user has access to the invoice image with all its relevant data. ReadSoft Mobile is very useful for users that don’t always have access to their laptop or desktop computer.

4. Disable ‘keep batch together’

By default, when scanning invoices in batches, all documents within that batch must first be processed before the output of the entire batch can be generated. By disabling this feature, each invoice within the batch will be handled separately, thus generating the output as soon as the invoice is processed. This feature can only be disabled when the ReadSoft Online Separation Service is disabled. By doing so, the manual separation function will no longer be available in ReadSoft Online. At the same time, this can greatly increase processing time, as each invoice is treated separately.

5. Save the best for last… API Web service

The ReadSoft Online API (RSO-API) allows partners, such as Dynatos,  to remotely access services that are available in ReadSoft Online. The API provides advanced integration options between ReadSoft Online and other systems, and it allows to exchange information directly with ReadSoft Online.

Dynatos uses its Web Service for ReadSoft Online in almost every type of project at a variety of customers. It makes the ReadSoft Online platform more flexible and dynamic.

The Dynatos Web Service enables the following additional functions:

  • Automatically upload/download lists of users.
  • Perform IBAN checks against supplier master data.
  • Perform Supplier VAT registration checks against supplier master data.
  • Suggest default coding lines for a supplier, based on a list provided by the customer.
  • Perform purchase order matching against data in the back office.
  • Create output in various formats (XML, CSV, …).
  • Convert and upload master data from various input formats.

Using the Dynatos Web Service for your project will give you more control over the platform and is something we greatly advice using.

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