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Driving change: Transdev’s digital future-proof journey with Dynatos

Transdev Nederland NV, a leading player in Dutch public transportation, embarked on a transformative journey with Dynatos to enhance their operational efficiency. We spoke with Sjoerd Jehee, the Manager of Accounts Payable, to gain insights into their challenges and the impact of Dynatos' solutions on their processes. Their biggest challenge: to onboard suppliers onto the Peppol network, for touchless processing.




Sjoerd Jehee

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Before partnering with Dynatos, Transdev struggled to onboard suppliers onto the Peppol network, a system primarily used for government transactions. Their goal was to achieve 100% digital invoicing, but the limited adoption of Peppol among suppliers often placed Transdev in a pioneering role, promoting its use and benefits. This challenge highlighted the need for a more robust and user-friendly solution to streamline their invoicing processes.


The implementation of Dynatos' Routty software has been pivotal for Transdev. Routty facilitates the transition from manual to touchless invoice processing, leveraging machine learning and extensive automation capabilities. This has enabled Transdev to modernize their invoicing system, significantly reducing manual effort and enhancing overall efficiency.


Transdev chose Dynatos after an extensive research and request for proposal process. Dynatos stood out due to its user-friendly and future-proof technology, as well as its compatibility with Transdev's existing Source to Pay system, Coupa. The decision was further influenced by Dynatos’ proactive support and service, ensuring a partnership that would evolve with Transdev's changing needs.

Succeeding in the digital era requires pioneering solutions like Routty. It has transformed how we handle data and invoices, making our processes more efficient and forward-thinking.

We selected Dynatos for its user-friendly technology and seamless integration with our existing systems. Their proactive support has been instrumental in our ongoing success.