Processing invoices in the cloud. Why?

During the past years, there has been a boom in cloud solutions for a variety of processes. One popular example is invoice processing in the cloud. In this blog I will summarize some key advantages to process invoices in the cloud.

Reduce implementation time significantly

Since the setup is mostly done in a public cloud environment, implementation times can be greatly reduced . On the customer side, all it takes is the installation of an application that connects the back office with the cloud solution. It serves as an interface that automatically uploads new invoice images, modified supplier master data or coding data and it also creates the desired output for integration into back office.

High first time recognition rate

The invoice recognition engine uses a knowledge base to capture information from invoices. When using our cloud solution, the engine is capable of using this knowledge base across different customers. In practice, this means that when another customer did already process invoices from the same supplier, the system automatically uses the built up knowledge to process your invoice. This technology greatly improves first time recognition rates for your invoices.

Monitor each invoice at any given time

With the right privileges, a user can instantly retrieve any invoice in the system. What is the status of the invoice? Who is currently processing the invoice ? How long has the invoice been with an approver? Etc. In addition, after the invoice has been processed successfully, the integrated online storage makes it easy to retrieve specific invoices. Each invoice has an audit trail in which every action is logged, from the time creation in the system until final approval and the creation of output.

Approve invoices anywhere with the mobile application

The cloud solution also provides a free to use mobile application. This application can be found in the app store when looking for ‘ReadSoft Mobile’. This application allows the user to approve, reject or ask information about an invoice that is currently assigned to that user. When selecting an invoice in the application, the user sees the invoice image with relevant data that is needed to approve the invoice. This application enables an even greater mobility and accessibility of documents.

New users? No problem!

New users can easily be added to the platform by the customer. All it takes to create a new user is an e-mail address and account name. After creating the user and granting the right privileges, he or she will have instant access to the environment, and will get notified by e-mail. User privileges are also managed by the customer and restrict the usage of the system. An example is a user that is only allowed to approve/reject invoices. As easy as it is to add new users, it is also easy to remove them from the system, directly restricting access to the platform.

Flexibility with the back office

Output from the cloud can be generated in any format. From standard XML output, to CSV files or any customer specific XML output. Integrating the cloud solution with any back end system becomes an easy task. It is also possible to prepare the analytical coding of invoices directly in the cloud. This accounting information will also be included in the output, so that the back end system can use this information to automatically fill in this data in the accounting system.

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