Enhancing efficiency and enchantment:
Seamless logistics for the Efteling

The Efteling, a pioneering force in the tourism and leisure industry, has been enchanting millions with its magical experiences since its opening in 1952. Located in the south of the Netherlands, this beloved theme park is renowned for its captivating attractions and dedication to guest satisfaction. Michiel van der Straten, Application Specialist/Process Engineer at the Efteling, plays a big role in ensuring that the park's logistical operations run smoothly, supporting the enchanting experiences the Efteling is famous for.




Michiel van der Straten

50% reduction

in processing time for delivery notes and invoices


Before the implementation of PD's Delivery Notes and Accounts Payable and Routty, the Efteling faced significant challenges with its logistical processes. A physical archive of delivery notes consumed valuable space and required extensive manual effort to check, register, and store packing slips. This process became increasingly cumbersome as the company grew. The primary goal was to minimize the physical archive and reduce processing time by half, addressing inefficiencies head-on with a solution-oriented approach.


The software solutions implemented—Routty and the modules Delivery Notes and Accounts Payable from Tungsten's Process Director—have significantly transformed the Efteling's logistical processes. These certified SAP add-ons ensure seamless integration with the Efteling's existing systems, allowing for the digital capture and processing of delivery notes and invoices. This transformation has not only streamlined operations but also provided other departments, such as finance, with easy access to necessary documents, thus enhancing overall efficiency and collaboration.


The Efteling chose Dynatos due to their existing satisfaction with the ReadSoft Invoices solution and the demonstrated reliability of Dynatos's support. The absence of a formal vendor comparison underscored the Efteling's confidence in the ongoing partnership with Dynatos. This trust was built on Dynatos's expertise, responsiveness, and flexibility, which were crucial in meeting the Efteling's unique operational needs.

Routty and the Tungsten Process Director modules have significantly streamlined our logistics, allowing us to process delivery notes and invoices more efficiently and accurately. This digital transformation has enabled us to reduce manual labor and improve document accessibility across departments, supporting our goal of operational excellence

Dynatos has delivered a tool that elevates logistics, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. This technology ensures our guests enjoy the seamless, wondrous experience they expect from us.