Post-event: Quick wins with Robotic process Automation


Dynatos wants to thank you for attending our past webinar “Quick wins with Robotic Process Automation”.

We had an insightful session, and we hope to have informed you with new perspectives and possibilities around RPA.

Did you miss the webinar or could not attend on December 15th? We want to offer you the opportunity to re-watch the entire session on our post-event page.

For additional information about the webinars subject, we would like to notify you about our downloadable content available on our post event page and at our resources.

For upcoming events and webinars, check out our event page!

Webinar content:

  • Introduction Dynatos
  • Introduction Robotic Process Automation
  • Quick wins with RPA
  • Live demonstration – Invoice process
  • Process Discovery & Assessment Module
  • What is next?

Process mining Infographic

Process mining Infographic

RPA Whitepaper

RPA where are we now and where are we going

Webinar recording

Webinar recording

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