Dynatos Reporting Package


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November 19, 13h and 14h




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Dutch and English

The tool to support your Accounts Payable Team to perform at a high level!

Working remotely might produce uncertainty regarding the performance, quality and the feedback you need from your team to keep a continuous improvement. Regular contact with your team combined with the right tools to monitor your daily operations, exceptions and delays along the process will help you to reduce the impact of teleworking while keeping an excellent service for your customers.

Reporting is then a must have during this period, and if you want to discover a feasible alternative for your organization: join us on Thursday, 19th of November in a 45 minutes session where we will introduce you to the Dynatos Reporting Package”, our Process Director Add-on to support your Accounts Payable Team to perform at a high level!

If your role is AP Leader, AP Supervisor, Process Owner, Application Manager, Budget holder, you cannot miss this session!

The agenda will be:

  • Introduction Reporting package
  • Data sources and overviews
  • Live demo:
    • Set of reports
    • Usability
    • Customer specific Setup
  • Q & A

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