Discover and optimize processes with process mining by Minit and Dynatos.

  • Artificial Intelligence-based process discovery.
  • Complete process mapping and customizable reports.
  • Dashboard templates and custom dashboard possibilities.
  • Process comparison and simulation.
  • All processes are analyzed based on time, value, and return.

Process Mining for continued succes

The digitalization of products and services forces companies of all shapes and sizes and in all industries to reconsider their existing business models and the processes they implement. That’s why more companies are turning to process mining for detailed, actionable insights on where and how to improve. With detailed insights on mission-critical processes, enterprises can shape their digital transformation strategies for continued success.


Process mining tool by Minit

The process mining tool of Minit makes it possible to understand the day-to-day business processes and to optimize these processes for efficiency and better data-driven decisions. Every process will be analyzed, mapped, and visualized to discover optimization opportunities.

The process analysis module uncovers all related Key Performance Indicators to make the best data-driven decisions. With the dashboard module, custom KPI’s can be monitored, and process stories present easily. Furthermore, to compare processes, to optimize and to monitor optimization effects.

Minit analyze module

With the process analysis module, the workflows are visualized and it also enables to compare process flows by specific metrics. Therefore, discovering the drivers in the operations and identify how to improve these efficiently. The analyzing tool makes it possible to simulate the improvements before applying them in the current process with what-if simulations.


Minit dashboard module

With the dashboard module, the process analysis is accessible from everywhere. The dashboards enable to monitor the operations and processes with a focus on the success-driven KPI’s. The dashboards are running on the Business Intelligence leading software’s technology from Qlik. Use pre-defined templates or customize templates for every given situation or visualization. The interactive dashboards make it possible to track processes and create storyboards to share any analyzed process’s in a visual story.

Process mining software integrations

Process mining connects data from the organization’s systems like ERP systems, IT business systems, applications, and platforms, even if they perform in the cloud. The processes run through many different systems that leave traces of the activities. Minit connects to any extensive enterprise system and home-grown core systems to map entire workflows. Hereafter, the collected data will be visualized in a single process model, no matter which systems the organization uses.


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