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You have meanwhile been able to feel for yourself the benefits of digitizing and automating the invoice flows. The Dynatos sister company FlinQ Automation ensures that your colleagues from other departments like HR, Legal and Operations can enjoy the same benefits.

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About FlinQ Automation

FlinQ Automation is a professional team of experts in the domain of Intelligent Process Automation and part of the Dynatos Group. By combining technologies such as Intelligent Capture, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence with digital strategy guidance and implementation skills, we empower organizations to take their operations to a next level.

Organizations are facing immense challenges in a world that keeps evolving at an ever fastening pace. Company objectives get harder, efficiency gains become non-negotiable, and at the same time the wellbeing of employees has to be guaranteed. FlinQ is there to close the gap between hard financial company goals and making sure human capital is treated with care and respect.​ We want to make the professional world a more pleasant, efficient, and people-oriented environment. That is what we strive for every day.