Spend under management


Date & time

November 25, 10:30 - 12:00







Why is Spend Under Management so crucial for your organization?

Driving SUM within your organization reduces cost, improves efficiencies, encourages collaboration between vendor and buyer and between cross-functional teams which overall improves procurement productivity. Find out how to increase your SUM on November the 25th.


Following years of economic stability, the world is now confronted with an unprecedented global supply chain disruption. To make the right choices, especially in times like this, and continuously optimize the sourcing strategy, we must understand our business spending, risks, and performance against the industry.

Coupa Spend Analysis provides a single lens for all your business spend. Use AI-powered insights to benchmark performance and get suggestions on how to get to the next level. Coupa’s Business Spend Management solution enables you to start making better decisions from the start. Community Intelligence-Powered Insights will help with your understanding of spend right away and track progress against KPIs across peers.

The Power of the Coupa Community will help you get more value out of your spending by leveraging AI and advanced analytics on over €2T of spend data from the Coupa Community to uncover instant insights. Furthermore, the Community’s AI data-driven prescriptions help you drive more significant savings, control and the identification of optimization opportunities.

During the upcoming session together with Coupa, we will talk you through these topics to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and maximize your ROI as quickly as possible.


  • The Coupa Business Spend Management suite.
  • Advanced analystics with comprehensive spend analysis.
  • AI powered community insights, benchmark performance against peers.
  • Spend management optimization opportunities.