Source-to-Pay Optimization


Date & time

October 27, 10:00 - 11:30







"Learn more about the Coupa Source-to-Pay technology and its integration with other finance software to optimize the Spend Management strategy in your organization".


As global supply chains have faced disruptions and demand has rapidly shifted in the face of evolving news, companies have had to adjust operations and identify opportunities to stay agile. In this environment, the most resilient companies are taking the time to evaluate their strategy, both for how to manage cash and how to build robust and resilient supply chains. It has now become even more important to have the systems in place to manage business spend and optimize and integrate processes and software like ReadSoft, so that budget can be prioritized and invested where it is the most impactful.

Thriving in the ‘new normal’ will depend on leveraging industry data and benchmarks, digital initiatives and alternate solutions for inefficient paper invoicing and other manual, low-value transactional processes. Investing in digital technology and its integration with other financial software, can also enhance the ability to gain holistic spend visibility and control.

Webinar topics

  • The challenges organizations are facing in their Source-to-Pay process.
  • How companies can optimize their Spend Management strategy, while positioning themselves for new opportunities as economies begin to rebound.
  • How procurement, IT and finance leaders optimize technological investments to protect themselves against third-party risk, increase back-office and efficiencies, and control spend globally.
  • How the integration with financial software solutions can contribute to a digital way of working, processing and automation.


10:00 – Introduction
10:15 – Introducing the Coupa Source-to-Pay platform
11:00 – Source-to-Pay software integrations
11:30 – Q&A

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