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Today’s Best Performing Finance departments exchange and handle invoice documents in an integrated electronic format.

It’s time for Finance to get out from behind the paper and start devoting employees to manage exceptions and cash.


Sent and receive through the channel of preference of your business partner

Our e-delivery platform offers a standard solution for sending and receiving documents through email, FTP, Basware, PEPPOL, or other platforms and networks within the market like local print or delivery at a print partner. Furthermore, the platform makes it easy to add additional ”custom” channels through APIs and web services.

Powerful e-delivery platform for handling inbound and outbound document flows

Explore our powerful e-delivery platform for managing inbound and outbound documents, and flows, including functions for multichannel input and outbound delivery. Furthermore, the e-delivery platform includes; document capture, document creation, legal archiving, workflows, e-signatures, and monitoring & reporting.


Integrated Intelligent Process Automation Invoicing solution

With our software solutions, we deliver a complete end-to-end intelligent Process Automation Platform, including Smart Channel Services and Optical Character Recognition, all in one place.

Valuable insights with the Smartest Channel Service in the room

Our Smart Channel Service provides you useful insights into the formats and channels through which your business partners are currently sending and receiving invoices. By collecting and analyzing information from the invoice in- and output systems, the best possible e-invoicing scenarios, and channels are automatically presented to you.


Value-added Intelligent Finance Automation software partner

A digital transformation is no longer an option; it’s imperative. It is instead the question of how to unleash the power of digitization. We help our customers with implementations, support, and advice in the process of shifting from paper and pdf to transact and process electronically.

“A great achievement from the great Finance portfolio. The software enables 85% automatic detection without manual optimization, improved reporting and better workflows. Special thanks go to the team for this success in a very short time.”



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