The 2022 Coupa Benchmark BSM report

20 Community-powered KPIs

  • Discover the 20 Business Spend Management KPIs of 2022.
  • Learn more about the financial benefits through the use of Business Spend Management software.
  • Compare your process optimization against your competition.
  • Uncover new ways to achieve growth goals with the use of process automation.

About the Coupa Benchmark report

Discover the 20 Business Spend Management-KPI’s of 2022

Download the 2022 benchmark report from the leading Business Spend Management (BSM) supplier Coupa and discover the benefits you can achieve by optimizing your KPIs. The KPIs relate to the use of process automation, collective intelligence, and Spend Management software. The KPIs allow to compare business processes to the market and provides exciting insights and optimization opportunities for each phase of your digitization.