Coupa Spend Management by Dynatos

The most preferred cloud-based spend management solution.

To learn more about the Coupa Business Spend Management platform, Dynatos offers a free Downloadable Content package with detailed guides and infographics on the Source-to-Pay process and how to add value to this business process.

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Capture more value in one user-friendly system

Coupa’s Source-to-Pay solution helps your organization with supplier on-boarding and connects its sourcing capabilities with contracting, purchasing, supplier payments, and invoice validation. As a result of this delivering optimal spend solutions to your distinct business needs. The S2P solution from Coupa enables you to analyze more supplier bids and invite creative bidding, which helps to realize supplier risks and visualize the value you have negotiated. By using the S2P solution, manual processes are being automated, saving precious time for your employees.

Maximize the value of your Spend Under Management

With Coupa we help organizations to maximize the value of each Euro spend – whether it’s direct or indirect spend, goods or services. Every Euro your company spends is based on a decision that was made, whether to reduce costs, maximize revenue, increase service levels, mitigate risk, or even drive sustainability or diversity targets. These decisions require an intelligent approach to succeed.

We take a comprehensive approach to spend management with a unified platform that allows you to see all your spend in one place—from purchasing to invoicing to expenses. See it, understand it, control it.


Coupa starts with a focus on the end user. Coupa provides a common, intuitive user interface that gives users one place to easily handle all direct and indirect spend activities across Procurement, Invoicing, Expenses and Payments. A unified, connected transactional core provides “suite synergy,” in which the value delivered by having applications work together in a suite is greater than individual apps alone.

Being comprehensive means addressing the needs of all users involved in business spend and sharing data seamlessly. Coupa can address all of your BSM needs today, and with our comprehensive platform, you never have to worry about outgrowing your BSM solution.

With a complete view of spend, Spend Analysis flags suspicious transactions, and identifies opportunities to optimize spend categories through Strategic Sourcing. Supply Chain Design and Planning decisions also tie into Strategic Sourcing. Sourcing events are seamlessly converted into contracts, which are then used to enforce contract compliance during the procurement process. Both goods and services can be procured in Coupa, with all details of contingent labor spend tracked. Treasury management balances liquidity and risk to optimize Working Capital. A comprehensive view of third party risk and performance lets you take corrective real-time action Finally, inventory management lets you check availability of inventory during spend transactions.

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